BNC Oscilloscope x1/x10 Probes (Pair)

BNC Oscilloscope x1/x10 Probes (Pair)

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Product Description

A pair of BNC-terminated oscilloscope probes, perfect for use with the Analog Discovery™ in conjunction with the BNC Adapter Board for the Analog Discovery.

Support Materials

Datasheet (PDF)


  • BNC-terminated
  • Selectable 1X/10X input attenuation
  • Contraction hook tip
  • 12cm ground clip
  • Localization sleeve adapts to IC testing
  • Input resistance:
    • 1x1MΩ
    • 10x10MΩ
  • Input capacitance:
    • 1x 70pF – 120pF
    • 10x 13pF – 17pF
  • Bandwidth:
    • 1x DC-6MHz
    • 10x DC-100MHz

 Note: The specifications listed are for the Oscilloscope probes only. When used with an instrumentation device, make sure to check the specifications of that device to avoid exceeding voltage limitations. 


  • Pair of BNC oscilloscope probes
  • Six plastic color bands
  • Two plastic probe covers
  • Two grounding clips
  • One contraction hook clip