Pmod SF3: 32 MB Serial NOR Flash

Pmod SF3: 32 MB Serial NOR Flash

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Product Description

The Pmod SF3 provides users with 32 MB of non-volatile memory through the use of Micron’s NOR Flash memory (N25Q256A). By using the SPI protocol, users can both write to and read from the flash memory.

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  • 32 MB serial NOR Flash memory
  • Supports extended SPI protocol, dual I/O, and quad I/O
  • Minimum 100,000 erase cycles per sector
  • Small PCB size for flexible designs 1.0“ × 0.8” (2.5 cm × 2.0 cm)
  • More than 20 years data retention
  • Follows Digilent Interface Specification Type 2



  • Pmod SF3
  • Custom antistatic Pmod packaging